The Ceylon Spice Company was originally started as a recognition that Sri Lanka produces fantastic world class spices and the many similarities and parallels to Ceylon tea. As of now, most spices are exported as bulk and little value addition is being made on them. There is also little recognition about Sri Lankan spices Worldwide. Our current journey is focusing on supporting the spice industry with a continuous sterilization process that allows exporters to easily value-add and reach a larger customer base. We are currently using French steam sterilization technology and Swiss made equipment to provide this service. The demand for this service has increased so much that we are in the process of expanding our current capacity by three fold. We are confident that our efforts will be appreciated by the industry as well as ultimate customers who will begin to recognize how good Sri Lankan spices really are.

The Ceylon Spice Company is a subsidiary of the MJF Group – and core goal is to uplift the spice industry in Sri Lanka and show the world that not only are our products unique due to our inherent qualities due to terroir, weather, and location, but we can now deliver a finished product that meets international food safety standards.