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our products

We no longer need to travel or pay huge prices or struggle to find a variety of spices for day to day or adventurous meals. They are vastly available in our super markets. But most products have no traceability as to where and when they were processed other than the country of origin. Spices start losing their intrinsic qualities as soon as they are processed and exposed to air and light. By the time you purchase your spices, they have been transported numerous times in basic packing exposed to humidity, climate changes, and held in warehouses for uncounted periods. We would like to offer you an experience to try our spices, bought directly from farmers to our facility where the spices are cleaned and packed as per international standards at source ready for retail. This is the closest to purchasing your spices directly from the grower that you could possible get.

Spice List

Pepper – White Nutmeg Turmeric
Mace Mace Ginger Ginger
Coriander Seed Cloves Ground Whole Cloves Gourmet True Ceylon Cinnamon
Gourmet True Ceylon Cinnamon Cardamom Pepper – Black Pepper – Black