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spice value addition

we offer the safest and globally renowned method in reducing the microbe count in spices with steam sterilization processing.







spices which are consumed directly must be sterilized to meet safety standards to prevent the transmission of germs.

quality spices and herbs in return will help create value for your product and help gain customers who appreciate it and be motivated to place more orders even at a higher price.


a sterilized product increases the standard of your product.


expect an increase in sales, with a higher export value after sterilization.


sterilized products gives you the advantage of charging a premium price.

all spices that are consumed must be sterilized prior to being
sold in the market place.

introducing to Sri Lanka

the latest steam
sterilizing technology

continuous sterilization
services for the spice industry

now you can offer a sterilized product that is ready to be packed, processed or consumed.

steam sterilization is used in conventional and organic spices.

we offer state of the art European technology to sterilize your products to International standards.

we have now upgraded capacity to support SME’s while able to service the largest exporters.

we clean your product
whilst safe guarding
valuable essential oils

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our team will contact you to schedule an appoinment to
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target treatment and
multi controls

the formula used in the treatment of
your product is specific and unique to
your order

minimum loss of volatile oils

safeguarding the value of the
product and intrinsic qualities.

minimum change of organoleptic properties

the loss of aromas, color and taste
will be very minimum

minimum process losses

control of parameters such as
moisture reduces your wastage

uniform end product

a continuous sterilization process
will give you consistency

sterilization to international standards

we can meet any standard and
exceed your customers expectations

2022 expansion

industrial grinding
and powdering facility with infused cooling to minimize volatile oil and organoleptic losses during grinding.


will this process affect the aroma and volatile oils in the product?

we are able to control losses due to superior patented technology, target treatment and immediate cooling via UPX technology

how do we know the sterilized product will meet Int'l standards?

we have an Int'l certified lab that tests incoming and post sterilized product prior to releasing it

how does my customer sterilize the products at the country of importation?

some importers have their own sterilization plants, but most will contract this process out to sterilization plants

why would my customers pay more for sterilized product?

convenience-Importers will have to incur the expense of transport to and from sterilization plant and the cost for processing.

CSC is a subsidiary of the MJF
with a goal of empowering Sri Lanka’s spice industry achieve and maintain internationally recognised safety standards.