Why Ceylon spice co?

why ceylon spice co?

Ceylon Spice Company (CSC), brand combines for the first time in the history of Sri Lanka’s spice industry; growing, quality assurance, and packing in a single entity that guarantees high quality spices that reflects the best value and finished product. CSC maintains the family tradition of Dilmah, which combines quality, freshness, authenticity and ethics to offer products that offer the best of Ceylon’s centuries of heritage in producing the finest spices in the world. The Ceylon Spice Company range comprises of a authentic hand produced spices including true Gourmet Cinnamon (Ceylon Cinnamon), Gourmet cardamom, Nutmeg, Clove, Black Pepper and White Pepper, that is free of chemicals.

Ceylon Spice Company is available is a variety of formats including: Real Spice in bulk, and in flavor sealed foil put into Gourmet tin caddies and reseal able zip lock pouches that protects the aroma, fresh taste of Ceylon’s finest spices

All Ceylon Spice Company products are authentic, ethically produced and will comply to international safety standards.